Back-end-as-a-service. Realizing the Online in the Cloud vision.

My job is to think of the next step. Two years ago we started talking about Online in the Cloud. Of course most people was not on the train for various reasons.

2 years later we have started to acknowledge the value of APIs and have talked about  implementing technologies from some of the larger vendors in the space. But at the same time the vision of Online in the Cloud is far, far away.

The big challenges we have is not Online or going Mobile but that the back-end systems such as Billing and CRM and Data Warehousing is costing us a lot of energy, cost and worst of all: time. The projects are complex beyond our reach and adding infrastructure challenges and that the systems should be Online, is way beyond our grasp.

With the advent of Back-end-As-a-Service (BaaS) we could move control even closer to the business units and make them more independent of the current way of doing IT. It could help IT become faster and more agile. It depends on who takes the initiative. BaaS could also force us to make things simpler. Billing, CRM and Data Warehousing has to be done much simpler.

With BaaS we can move a large portion of the control of IT from the deep dungeons of central or local IT department, and from having 40-50 system management teams to a simpler organizational setup. The shared or local IT functions have a tendency of building things themselves and we end up doing EITHER local OR central solutions. But our most successful models are hybrid solutions – where either the local or the central model had to fail first. Mistakes take to long time at the moment and are not embraced as an incentive to improve and do things better the second time around.

I love the idea and vision of the following companies. Tt might not be practical for us, but it is well worth to explore. We need to get closer to the Vision of Online in the Cloud, for many, many reasons – even if we do mistakes this is the only way to learn.

Kinvey –

Parse –

Stackmob –

AnyPresence –


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